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Our Vision

The vision of Root Health Care Services is to create a community where individuals are armed with tools and knowledge to combat the difficult circumstances that they may encounter.

To make healthy life decisions that have the least negative effect on their overall well being.
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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program p.r.p

Roots Health Care Services

Roots health Care Services is a psychiatric rehabilitation program serving adolescents and adults in the Baltimore and surrounding area.

A psychiatric rehabilitation program (PRP) is an accreditation-based licensed program that provides community-based comprehensive rehabilitation and recovery services and supports; promoting successful community integration and use of community services.

Our 5 step approach

Step 1

Upon receiving a referral from a licensed professional RHCS will contact you to schedule a screening.

Step 2

After a screening is done and you are deemed eligible we will schedule an intake (psychosocial assessment)

Step 3

3. A psychosocial assessment will be completed by a licensed therapist after which period you will be admitted to the program.

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How We Can Help?

With the latest techniques in behavioral and cognitive psychotherapy, we offer mental health care to adolescents, in a nurturing and safe environment

  • Treatment
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Case Management
  • Rights protection
  • Basic support
  • Self help
  • Wellness and protection
  • Rehabilitation
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